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.300 Blackout (7.62x35mm)

that is just a wicked looking little round.

i want a rifle in .300 AAC


7.62x35? So, how does it compare to 7.62x39? Like ballistics and overall size?

Ballistic coefficient of 7.62x35 is better than 7.62x39. Otherwise they preform similar.

Being able to use the normal pmags from your 5.56/.223 upper is nice.

Just saying…

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Israeli Weapon Industries (IWI) Tavor SAR in 5.56mm NATO w/ 16.5” barrel.  Used by the IDF for years, this compact bullpup weapon system has finally made it to the United States.  The highly anticipated launch of the a Tavor for the US market has taken years to come to fruition, but it looks like it may have been worth the wait.  The Tavor SAR feels solid and has a nice balance.  The non-reciprocating charging handle cycles the action smoothly.  The trigger pull is a bit heavy, but predictable and resets nicely.  The trigger design is a bit uncomfortable.  The Tavor accepts standard USGI magazines and ships with one 30rd IWI polymer magazine.  The fire selector is polymer and feels cheap, while the rest of the weapon feels robust and solid.  The flip-up sights integrate into the upper rail system nicely and fold down flat— similar to a Knights Armament SR15 design.  The bolt release sits behind the magazine well and is awkward for shooters accustomed to Stoner’s AR15 design.  The rubber butt pad feels comfortable and likely aids in mitigating felt recoil.  Overall, the Tavor seems to be very well built and is very easy to maneuver.  Agile is the word that comes to mind.  If you’re in the market for a bullpup, this is one of the better designs on the market.  Although the legendary Steyr AUG still reigns supreme in our opinion.

They look great with the Manticore Arms Arclight Rail.

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Wanna hear a joke? Feminism













Wanna hear a joke? Leftists

Wanna hear a joke? The belief that wealth cannot be created and must therefore be redistributed in order to end poverty.

Wanna hear a joke? People who think that the government gives rights.

Wanna hear a joke? Marriage is a right.

Wanna hear a joke? Anti-gunners

Wanna hear a joke? Communists.

Wanna hear a joke: Socialists

Wanna hear a joke? Obama

Wanna hear a bigger joke: The people that vote for these monsters

Wanna hear an even bigger joke than that? These same monsters are gonna try to get Hillary in the oval office next.

Well, personally, I think Obama is a great POTUS and that Hillary if she runs, will be amazing as well.

I would have to strongly disagree.

Hillary a good president?